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Stunned by Chanel

This video has absolutely captivated us, amazing job!

Este vídeo nos ha cautivado totalmente, ¡muy buen trabajo!


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Welcome 2011: all on red!

Do you already know what to wear tonight? Here are some ideas just in case your imagination has ran out of stock.

Taking from granted red underwear, we suggest the following:

¿Ya sabéis qué poneros esta noche? Os dejamos unas ideas por si habéis agotado la imaginación.

Dando por hecho el uso de ropa interior roja, sugerimos lo siguiente:

Chanel rouge allure and Chanel rouge Coco


If you dare to wear red lips, Chanel has two juicy tonalities.

Si os atrevéis con los labios rojos, Chanel cuenta con dos tonalidades muy jugosas.


Topshop: 18€


Though it might look like a very casual top at first sight, the truth is that the effect it has once you wear it is very flattering: a brilliant choice!

Aunque a simple vista parezca un top de lo más casual, os aseguramos que el efecto que produce una vez puesto es muy favorecedor: una elección brillante!


Valentino Fall 2010


Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf wearing red tights


This is our choice to welcome the new year: red tights. Valentino and Blair Waldorf show invite us to a world where coloured legs are a trend.


Ésta es nuestra elección para dar la bienvenida al nuevo año: las medias rojas. Valentino y Blair Waldorf nos abren las puertas de un mundo donde las piernas de colores son tendencia.


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Who doesn’t like Riviera?!

Some days ago we were showing you the newest trends in nail polish for this summer, but we have to admit that our list was incomplete: Riviera was left! This bubble gum-coloured polish is as extremely hot as incredibly naif, and that’s what makes it irresistible. Even the most shy girls will wear it, watch out at the beach and you’ll see we’re right! To get the coolest look, make sure your nails are cut short and slightly rounded shaped.

Hace unos días os enseñábamos las tendencias más novedosas en pintauñas para este verano, pero tenemos que admitir que nuestra lista estaba incompleta: ¡faltaba Riviera! Este esmalte rosa chicle es tan sensual como naif, y eso es exactamente lo que hace que sea irresistible. Incluso las más tímidas lo llevarán, ¡prestad atención en la playa y veréis que tenemos razón! Para conseguir el look perfecto, aseguraos de que lleváis las uñas cortas y ligeramente redondeadas.

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Summer nails: time to make your choice

These are the must have nail polishes for these summer. You can obviously wear other colours such as green, yellow or smurf blue, but these ones we show you are essential if you want your hands and feet to look gorgeous!

Victoria, by Nails Inc. London

Easy to wear and combine, it’s a very useful colour either during the summer or the winter.

Particulière, by Chanel

Chanel’s spring bet is still rocking this summer. It’s an ideal colour to wear on work days, extremely chic and elegant!

Inattendu, by Chanel

As well as Particulière, a spring innovation that remains with us during the hottest season. Its discretion makes it perfect for every occasion.

Fire, by Chanel

The classic among the classics, le rouge! Always perfect!

Coral, by Deliplus

Mercadona excels at cosmetics, specially the nail polish. This coral is one of the major make up trends for the summer of 2010, and it gives your hands and feet a very fresh sparkle.

Nouvelle vague, by Chanel

One of the latest launches is also one of the most extreme. You will love it when you go to the beach, the pool or when you hang out with your friends. But you have to be careful how you combine it if you don’t want to end up looking a little vulgar. However, you gotta have it!!

Blue satin, by Chanel

The everlasting alternative to black. If you think you look too grunge or too gothic with black nails, you have to try Chanel’s Blue satin. Warning: it’s addictive!

Vendetta, by Chanel

With two layers applied, the visual effect is similar to Blue satin, but when a ray of light hits your hands or feet you will see its lovely purple twinkle that will make you rock!

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